My movie watching habits are a bit of a sad story … I love films, I really do. But the films that I am actually watching are usually pretty shallow ware – brainless Hollywood stuff. Simply because I use films for recreational purposes. I.e., when I want to shut my brain down a little bit, after my work is done for the day. And then I always shy away from really stimulating films – for fear that I won’t relax, or that they’ll stress me out. But of course, that is a bit embarrassing.

The other day, I was travelling with a colleague, and told her about this little dilemma of mine. Next thing she did was bring me a stack of four DVDs with films that I should watch. They’ve been sitting around for a while now … but finally, I got ’round to watching the first two:

La Haine, by Mathieu Kassovitz. I’d been wanting to see this French classic for the longest time. But hadn’t … for the above mentioned reasons. I’m glad I finally did. It’s a powerful necessary little film. And it’s obvious why Vincent Cassel became a star after this.

Into the Wild, by Sean Penn. Impressive. I hadn’t realized that it was actually based on a true story. The boy’s uncompromising ego-centricity was slightly annoying, yet that was the story, and a story worth telling. I think many people think about what it means to really get out and away. I do. This film plays it out, spreads out the consequences. I enjoyed that.

Both films didn’t impress or bother me as much as I thought they might. But they are good movies.


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I am trying to remember my life. By posting about it. Starting January first 2011.
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