I drove across the city today, for a doctor’s appointment. I’m trying to avoid driving pretty much altogether. Because of the CO2 emissions, I just can’t justify it. It’s a matter of principle: little old me needs to be transported a few kilometers, so why should a ton of steel move with me, and burn precious fossil fuel, turning it into CO2 that clogs up the atmosphere? But every now and then, I do take the car – when I have an appointment that I can’t make otherwise. When it’s really super-early in the morning. Happens a couple of times a month, I’d say.

When I am actually sitting in the car, I only realize how many millions of people are using it to commute to work every day. And what an insanity that is. At the same time – if each and everyone of them switched to public transportation (or let’s say those who could because it’s available to them), the public transportation system would grind to a halt. So it’s a hen and egg problem right there. But the psychology isn’t even there. Millions think it doesn’t matter. Or choose not to think. How are we supposed to deal with this? Does the planet have the patience that mankind requires?

As I am writing this, I am making my first ginger tea. Boiling ginger in a pot. I don’t like ginger, but the doctor said it would be the thing to drink. She said I should stay home for the week. That’s complicated …


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I am trying to remember my life. By posting about it. Starting January first 2011.
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