This morning, as my plane sat on the runway, I realized that yesterday I had confused liver and kidneys. Somehow I had thought that my kidneys were affected. Well, liver is bad, too. I will ask the doctor’s office to send me the blood sample reports, then my friend ‘Rum’ can take a look and interpret them for me – which she proposed on the phone last night. She’s a heart surgeon.

Fairly insane trip today, to Basel via Munich, and back – all in one day. The second leg on the way there was in one of these small propeller planes (photo). The meeting went well, we presented campaign results, good stuff.

Now I am sitting at Basel main station, working some more, after having a really late lunch – at three-thirty, or so. I accompanied my colleagues here, because they are taking the train back, I’ll fly at 7:40 PM tonight. Which sucks, but that’s how the planes were available.

Overall, I feel some strange sense of doom. Have been for a while. I think it’s because my health just isn’t okay. I have been feeling weird and out of balance basically through the month of December. I think it really does hurt that I did not go on that vacation in December. But I couldn’t, after my brother had died, it just didn’t feel right to go. And now I am suffering for it. But a scuba diving holiday would not have been the right thing then. I just need to make sure now that I get a lot of rest whenever I can, and that I make it to the next time I can actually take a holiday. I am thinking about another holiday in Scotland. Really quiet. Maybe that is what I need?

Must call that Doctor now.


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I am trying to remember my life. By posting about it. Starting January first 2011.
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