Acutely Aware.

My sense of fashion is about as well-developed as my readiness to watch demanding films. Strangely, I am noticing this winter for the first time, in a long time, how I am not in synch with the current fashion. (I used to be mostly oblivious of that, usually.) When I was in Paris, actually, it struck me that I was apparently the only person wearing a light winter coat. I have this silvery-white jacket that I bought a few years ago, with my friend Kal. He used to always help me with my clothes shopping – he just had a better sense for fashion, and that jacket seemed to be doing the job. Well, it seems I’m the only one right now wearing a light coat. Everyone else is dressed in black, or really dark hues.

Thought about online dating, this morning on the plane. Wherever I go, and no matter who I speak with about finding someone, and about being on my own, invariably people will say “Online! That’s how people find each other nowadays.” And there always seem to be countless stories about a friend here and a colleague there who all found their match on the web. A little while ago, I was determined that I would not go there again. I had tried that before, and it always ended up feeling embarassing. But now, it kind of gives me comfort. I am no longer the person who I was then. And I really think that it could actually work, this time. But what I also realized was something else. That right now, at this time in my life, I don’t necessarily need anyone to be in my life. Yes, Christmas and New Year’s are hard. But still, I think I need to and want to do a few things that I cannot do if I was with someone. Maybe I am just having these feelings because I am currently sharing my apartment with M. So, technically speaking, I am not alone. Not sure. But these thoughts feel good.

What feels a lot less good is my throat. I was really well during the day. And then around 4-5 PM, my throat went back to its old painful throbbing self. I really really hope that this weekend, I’m not going back to my state from last weekend. I am really sick of being sick. But of course, I am not doing much against it. The way I spent this past week is probably the worst way to spend it, if one wants to get better.

After a couple hours of work and a dinner with colleagues from the business school, I am now vegging out in front of the TV.


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I am trying to remember my life. By posting about it. Starting January first 2011.
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