One Night in Munich.

The flight out of Basel was delayed by about an hour, which meant that I missed my next connection to Berlin. So finally, after some running around on the Munich airport (and, as a consequence, some sweating into that one set of clothes that I was wearing) to try and see if I could still catch that plane, I ended up in some Mövenpick hotel a 10 min. shuttle ride away from the airport, with a bunch of other stranded travellers. That night, Lufthansa actually booked 80 rooms in that hotel … I talked a bit more with one guy, probably a little younger than me, who is a sales rep / consultant for a specific type of electronic microscopes. He studied biology, and needed to get back to Berlin to head out to the US the next day.

In order to survive, I had to buy contact lense products and a receptacle for my daily disposable lenses (in order to allow them to survive the night and still be there for me and usable the morning) at the massive supermarket at Munich airport (it is probably one of the biggest airport supermarkets I’ve ever seen). Only to find out the next morning that one of the lenses had broken (or was breaking) as I was retrieving it. So I travelled back to Berlin on a 6:40 AM flight pretty much one-eyed. (Mental note: always bring spare contacts on any trip you’re taking.) After five hours of sleep, or so. Not the best way to recover from a cold, either. But I listened to my iPod on the plane and somehow started this day in a much better mood than the last few days.

The only question: was it a sin to take the rubber duck from my hotel room and bring it home? Or was it there to be taken?


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I am trying to remember my life. By posting about it. Starting January first 2011.
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