I slept late yesterday, and then went on an apartment visit with M, and on a little shopping trip. We bought Nespresso capsules, because we both have one of these machines. I like the simplicity and elegance of the system, and I am impressed by the ingenious marketing system behind it.

And for the compellingness of it, I also utterly hate it. They have so skillfully combined their make-belief coffee¬†connaisseurship (which allows people to pretend for five minutes during dinner conversation to know something about coffee while they’re actually completely ignorant), with that whole package and wrapping in these vibrant colours, shiny uniforms and a completely virtual illusion of exclusivity … the perfection with which they get so many marketing tricks right – it is sickening. And it works. So well, that it gets even me.

We also did some shopping on the market, discussed that we would be more transparent with each other about the relationships (or related endeavours), and planned an evening with my friend Rum who would come around and have dinner with us. M made soup with/for us, before she rushed out to see the parents of an old friend of hers. We stayed home and watched The Matrix, which Rum hadn’t seen yet. It was good to hang out with her. She has a very healthy point of view on things, she can help me put my relationship with M in perspective, and she’s just a fun person to hang out with. It’s so good to have friends like that.

Today, I pretty much worked all day. Later in the afternoon, I was trying to check with the French colleagues how the coming week would work, when I found out that the French team that I was supposed to meet on Monday wasn’t even going to be there! So at the last minute, I changed my trip, and now I am only going to Paris on Wednesday. That made me really happy, I didn’t want to be away from home for so long. And now I don’t have to. In the evening, I went to see a former boss of mine for dinner. She’s moving here from England, to manage a large advertising agency, and we had a really fun evening.


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I am trying to remember my life. By posting about it. Starting January first 2011.
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