I realized (again) this morning: if I could manage and do my entire business by e-mail – without personal meetings, phone calls, travelling, talking – I’d be the happiest person. There is a clarity and simplicity about an email answered and dealt with. It is a clear-cut yes-no situation. And if it hasn’t been dealt with properly, it will invariably lead to another e-mail, that can then again be dealt with. I like that. I guess also because I like writing. I think I can express myself in writing, and am only rarely misunderstood.

M called this morning, she’d been out with a friend, and when she wanted to come home, I’d accidentally left the key in the door, and she was locked out. But rather than calling (the phone is right where I sleep) she decided to take a cab and stay with the friend. I found that a little strange. And I was sorry that she felt locked out. But really, she could have just called.


About The Outer Rim

I am trying to remember my life. By posting about it. Starting January first 2011.
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