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My Soul.

When I was 12 or thirteen, something stole my soul. I don’t know what it was. My soul wants me to sit somewhere and do something that keeps me engaged and happy for hours on end. And that got lost. … Continue reading

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Twilight Zone.

I somehow feel like I’m in some sort of a twilight zone. I think I am doing my job pretty much alright. So much so that I do feel the need of being there and carrying my share of the … Continue reading

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American V.

I’m sitting here with my cup of coffee, listening to Johnny Cash’s American V. I picket it up at the train station last week, along with Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde. It’s a good way to start a Saturday – … Continue reading

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Business as usual.

It’s one of those weeks again. Monday afternoon, I took the train out west, because I had appointments there on Tuesday morning. I spent the night at my friend Joe’s place. He is a copywriter, we used to work together … Continue reading

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Life in a Day.

Went to see the “Life in a Day” at Berlinale yesterday. Amazing, I really enjoyed it, and marveled at the type of stories that come together when the whole world is contributing. Remarkable. Afterwards, I went back home and worked … Continue reading

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Now that’s a Saturday.

I just dropped M off at her current apartment with a few moving boxes, so she can start her packing there. This morning, we recorded the sounds of the blender when she’s making a green smoothie. I’ll need that for … Continue reading

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The Light, the River and the City.

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