I’ve taken the day off today, a one-day-holiday. Mainly to work on my animation project. But I thought I got lucky, M is doing the Berlinale and yesterday she came home with a ticket for me – the public screening of True Grit, today at noon. I was so excited, I had seen ads for the film and knew that’s one that I want to see. Since I had worked late last night, I actually got up a bit late and had to rush to get to the Friedrichstadtpalast in time. After waiting in line for some 20 minutes, I finally got inside … and learned that the ticket was only valid together with the appropriate press accreditation. They wouldn’t let me in! I was so upset!

Well, it took me a while to calm down, I then went to buy some drawing supplies and now I am looking forward to working on my project.

Other than that, this week was okay – I went back to work, had a couple of appointments on Monday and Tuesday away from home, and spent Wednesday and Thursday working from home. On Tuesday night, I met my friend Drew. When we had fixed this date, we had been planning to work on a piece of music of mine, but now we just had pizza and hung out. And we worked on a cartoon character that we had invented the other day. I might try to work on animating that this weekend, too. Yesterday I went to play badminton with another friend of mine, Chriz, who knows a lot about amination and drawing because he works in that field. It was fun to talk to him about my ideas.


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I am trying to remember my life. By posting about it. Starting January first 2011.
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