Business as usual.

It’s one of those weeks again. Monday afternoon, I took the train out west, because I had appointments there on Tuesday morning. I spent the night at my friend Joe’s place. He is a copywriter, we used to work together when I started to work in advertising. We had pasta and caught up with each other’s current state of things. On Tuesday morning, I had a TV interview, which was kind of interesting. In the afternoon, we had another client meeting with Tone and another colleague. Yesterday, I was on the road (well, on the rails) all day, to go to couple of meetings at a client’s of ours outside of Frankfurt.

And today, I’m off to a yet another day of meetings in Hamburg. I am not seeing M at all these days, because even when I come home late at night, she’s at her Berlinale hotel.

It really unsettles and affects me when I cannot spend time at home. I’ve been doing it so long, yet I still suffer from it. I need to be in one place, and know how to plan my day, and have time to concentrate on things. Weeks like this, of which there are so many, and in which I can never really sit still somewhere and focus, and get my stuff in order, are really hard. And there seems to be no end to them …

About The Outer Rim

I am trying to remember my life. By posting about it. Starting January first 2011.
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