My Soul.

When I was 12 or thirteen, something stole my soul. I don’t know what it was. My soul wants me to sit somewhere and do something that keeps me engaged and happy for hours on end. And that got lost. I don’t know where it went. I couldn’t get it back.

Now I finally have. After 25 years. The problem is that I have organised my life in a way that corresponds with my “lost soul self.” And so the way my life works these days doesn’t fit me anymore.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally understood why we need art in order to survive and make sense of the world. I had not properly understood this earlier. Is it good to finally get there at the age of 38? Or is it shamefully late?


About The Outer Rim

I am trying to remember my life. By posting about it. Starting January first 2011.
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1 Response to My Soul.

  1. toemailer says:

    Nice shot! You are probably there early and in twenty years will laugh at the idea that you may have once arrived at anything. 🙂

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