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Sunday Night.

Spent much of the day working. Tonight, I went for a run, after laziness had defeated the gym. Just before I ran off, I decided to get a tracker app for my phone and picked SportsTracker, after a minute of … Continue reading

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Munich, Meetings, Mobility.

Last Sunday, I had dinner with M. She told me that she’s moved out of her new place again, found someone who could take it, and moved in with her “new friend”. It bothers me to know this when I’m … Continue reading

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Cosmic Fear.

This morning, I woke up with some sort of cosmic fear. When the earthquake had hit Japan, the earth axis had moved by a few inches. We are tiny specks of dust, and life can only make sense and feel … Continue reading

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An international coalition is currently attacking Gaddafi’s troops in Libya. In Japan, the destroyed nuclear plant is still being dealt with, while thousands of Japanese have lost their homes. I had a full week. On Monday, I picked up my … Continue reading

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It just hit me like a hammer: this past Wednesday, my friend Joe went to Japan with his girl-friend and mother (I think). They are going as tourists, to see his brother who lives there with his family! I got … Continue reading

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Nuclear Spring.

In Japan, a Nuclear Power Station is apparently about to blow up, or something along those lines. After an earthquake cum tsunami, one of the 55 power stations in the country is about to melt. I believe that atomic energy … Continue reading

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The past week and a half was a sort of rollercoaster ride. I spent the last weekend with family on the other side of the country. My cousin and his family have a beautiful house, and I once lived with … Continue reading

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