Nuclear Spring.

In Japan, a Nuclear Power Station is apparently about to blow up, or something along those lines. After an earthquake cum tsunami, one of the 55 power stations in the country is about to melt. I believe that atomic energy is a bad idea. It procrastinates the serious search for alternatives because it misleadingly suggests that we already have a “clean solution.” I am saddened for the pain and death and suffering that the earthquake and the tsunami are causing the people in Japan. Natural disasters always remind us of how absolutely tiny we are, compared to the elements.

But the disaster in the power station is not a natural disaster – it’s manmade.

For a bit of contrast: here, the sun is shining, I am in bright spirits, just had my hair cut (always such a civilized experience!) and really looking forward to a full day that is entirely my own.

The past week was eventful and rather intense. Monday through Wednesday, I was working from home. On Wednesday I took a train to Frankfurt. It wasn’t entirely clear whether that would actually work because the train conductors in the country were threatening to strike. But on Wednesday they didn’t yet. I went to see friends in Frankfurt, and stayed at their place. The next day, the train drivers actually did go on strike, so my friend lent me his Fiat 500 (pictured above) which I then drove to my appointment a half hour away.

That evening, my friends and I went to have dinner in a little Italian place around the corner. I witnessed an interesting scene that I sometimes imagine but have never experienced myself: two people, a woman and a man, at two different tables, were having dinner on their own. The man apparently realised this at some point (the woman was reading a book), got up from his table, stepped up to the woman, briefly introduced himself and suggested to have dinner together. She seemed pleasantly surprised, invited him to sit, and they started talking. It turned out that he was French, but spoke a fair German, and they got along quite well. I only overheard bits and pieces of the conversation, but they seemed to really have fun, and finally left the restaurant together. What a nice little scene!

Something that I also quite enjoyed about this past week: I realized how much I really enjoy that I am single right now – maybe for the first time in my life since my early teens. I am not exactly sure why and where that comes from, but I really do not yearn for having anyone in my life right now. I am organising my life, I am trying to make sense of my stuff, and I don’t want anyone else to be mixed up in that. It’s a strange sensation, because I never really had that, and only very recently I did feel very different. But it is so, and it is very good that way.

On Friday, I had another appointment outside of Frankfurt. Afterwards, I rode the train back home, watching “The Big Lebowski” on the trip. I had work to do, but the train was packed, and I felt kind headachey, or something like that, and simply couldn’t make myself work. At any rate, I’ll be working on Sunday, so I just did some procrastinating and hung out with Jeff Bridges instead: “Careful man. There’s a beverage here.” Back home, I soon got on my bike and rode to the cinema, to finally watch “True Grit” (after that hadn’t worked out so well last time I tried …). I must say that I found it rather difficult to understand Bridges in that one. Whole lot of heavy mumbling going on.

What was intense about the past week was my work mode. I realized, a while ago already, that I can only really keep up with my work if I consistently get up early enough to have at least two hours of work before everyone else, i.e. between 7 and 9 AM. I have energy then to deal with more labour-intensive emails that require more attention, and can manage to get some issues out of the way, ideally shutting down email after that, so I can focus on bigger tasks or got to my meetings, while everyone else starts emailing. And I can stop work at or even a little before 8 PM, in order to have a social life as well. But that type of work rhythm is really intense because it requires getting up between 6 and 6:30 AM every day, and that isn’t easy if you’ve hung out with friends until midnight the day before.

And it definitely makes me yearn for a lazy Saturday on which I can really sleep in. Which I did today …

What I also did last week: make an appointment with the Munich Tesla dealership. I so want to test drive that car. I don’t really know if I can afford buying one. But I’d sure love to. I feel such a need to make more statements about a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, and that car would definitely be one. Besides, I am sure it’s hellishly fun to drive. And I no longer enjoy driving gas engine driven cars. The CO2 issue is just too intimately linked with them. Regular cars are just totally spoiled for me. But the Tesla is fairly expensive … And I don’t know how good their service is, or how they would provide it where I live. And I’d need a garage. But I am so looking forward to that test drive!


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