An international coalition is currently attacking Gaddafi’s troops in Libya. In Japan, the destroyed nuclear plant is still being dealt with, while thousands of Japanese have lost their homes.

I had a full week. On Monday, I picked up my motorcycle again, from the winter shelter. In the afternoon, I took the train west, and met with a former affair/relationship for dinner in the evening. We had met online about 7-8 years ago, but it didn’t work out, or at least for me it didn’t. Sparks and enthusiasm were missing, something that I need, in order to be really attracted to someone. We’d made contact again a little while ago, and since I had appointments in her area the next day, I went a day early, and got a hotel room, so we could have dinner. It was nice. But not more. I still find her attractive and sexy, always have, but again, there is a type of connection that I am missing, a playing off each other in a conversation that just isn’t there.

On Wednesday morning, I flew to Madrid, to give a speech at a conference there. I met two of my Spanish colleagues at the conference, gave my speech (and answered a few question from members of the audience afterwards – there was one very cute woman who wanted recommendations for stuff to read about the subject, I got her email address to send her some ideas …). In the evening, I took a train with my colleague Jorge back to Barcelona. Jorge is a really cool guy, I like him a lot. I am staying at his place, too, because he has a spare bedroom. I spent all of Thursday at the Spanish office, working from there, and also doing internal meetings with the Spanish colleagues.

In the evening, Jorge, a few of his friends, and I went to a “Burlesque Show.” I hadn’t heard about this before, it was a form of old-fashioned style Striptrease, but in a large club. A rockabilly band played, sometimes with, sometimes without a singer, a fat lady in lingerie made the MC, and then women would “somewhat undress” on stage, to music from a DJ – it always revolved around some form of elaborate costume that they would take off, not the underwear, though, they would finally always reveal only their breasts.

It was kind of interesting the first time around, but then it kind of became the same thing over again. Somehow not very convincing. What surprised me was how attentive everyone in the room seemed to be. I was starting to get bored after a while, but it didn’t seem to be the case for pretty much everyone else who was there. Jorge told me that it was a better show the last time he’d been there, a month ago. The only sensation was at the end, when – for the last act – one of the dancers took an angle grinder and held it to her crotch, where she had some type of metal slip, and so she let sparks fly directly from her crotch. That was actually kind of remarkable.

Afterwards we went back home and hung out in front of the TV for a while, with Jorge and a friend of his, who was staying at his place for a while, until she found her own place. She was kind of cute, I was having fun, it was nice to hang out with them, and finally didn’t quite see why I should go home on Friday already. So I bought myself a new ticket for Saturday, and stayed in Barcelona on Friday as well. In the evening I had dinner with Jorge again on the town, in a vegetarian restaurant, and left on Saturday morning.

On Saturday evening, I met my friend Kal. I had congratulated him to his birthday a little while ago, by email, he had responded very quickly, and more recently, we had been talking on the phone. Last night, he appologized for what had happened at the end of January. It turned out that his life had really gone awry in the past months, the relationship he had became a real disaster, his work wasn’t working out, and he was just in a really bad place. His reaction to me back then was just one of the things that happened and that he was unhappy about. I was glad to have my friend back, and I tried to console him a little.


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