Munich, Meetings, Mobility.

Last Sunday, I had dinner with M. She told me that she’s moved out of her new place again, found someone who could take it, and moved in with her “new friend”. It bothers me to know this when I’m with her. We talked about that. I am quite happy on my own these days, but when I think about Megan being with this guy, it still upsets me a little. (Last night, I briefly saw her, too, she had to get papers because she’s finally selling her house in New York, and needed paperwork for that which was still here. I think her friend drove her over, but she had told me that she’d take a walk over here. I guess she does that to “protect” me.)

The past week was fairly eventful again – on Monday, we had a client presentation again, in the evening I met with friends for dinner. On Tuesday, I gave a speech at a conference first and then rode my motorbike across town for a meeting with colleagues. Unfortunately, it died on me, I had to leave it, do the rest of the trip by taxi, and then come back in the afternoon to have the car club help me with it. On Tuesday night, I met Chriz again. So much fun to have dinner with him!

On Wednesday, I took a very early train to Munich, to our headquarters. I had a couple of meetings, and then I did something really fun: with two colleagues, I went to the Tesla dealership in Munich, and test-drove a Tesla. I have been thinking about new types of mobility, and about how to make a statement that shows that change is possible. This ad quote from their website pretty much sums it up:

Tesla vehicles liberate their owners from the petroleum-burning paradigm and associated inconveniences.

I was great fun to drive. Unfortunately, the Autobahn was really full (I’d picked a stupid time to go), but the acceleration is insane, and it’s just so much fun to drive. However, when I realized what “expensive” in a car really means, in terms of monthly payments (the Tesla IS an expensive car …), it was a bit of a letdown. That evening, I was disappointed because I thought that I couldn’t afford it, at the end of the day. But I am more optimistic now, I have to do some calculating, and see how I could somehow squeeze that into my budget(s). It would be amazing.

That evening, I hung out with my colleagues until very late, because I see them so rarely, so we much needed to talk about stuff. The company is developing at a pretty insane pace … Thursday was a very full day – we had a somewhat difficult client presentation in the early afternoon, and then a strategic meeting about the future of the company in the evening, and then I still needed to clarify a few things with the management team, so we were up again until 1:30 in the morning. Friday morning, I had a few more meetings at the office, took care of a few things, and then left Munich on a 3:16 PM train. On the train ride back home, I edited a video I had shot with our interns. I wanted people to see what it’s like to be an intern at our company, so I interviewed those who are with us now. It was pretty amazing to see how extremely positive, or rather: enthusiastic, their statements were. And it was fun to edit the film. We can post it on our blog now, or link to it whenever we are looking for new interns.

And now it’s the lazy Saturday. For which I am so grateful. I slept until 11:30. My parents flew to Israel last week, they got there Friday in the early afternoon. I hope they are having a good time.


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