Sunday Night.

Spent much of the day working. Tonight, I went for a run, after laziness had defeated the gym. Just before I ran off, I decided to get a tracker app for my phone and picked SportsTracker, after a minute of googling. Afterwards, I had to spend 7 EUR to get the pro version so I could upload my data. Oh well. It counted 6.11 kilometers in 38 min. and 10 seconds. Not so bad.

My parents are in Israel, my father’s birthday is today. I called this morning, they seem to be doing fine.

There were regional elections in Germany today. The Greens won massively, and may actually be the party of the prime minister in Baden-Württemberg. It’s all got a lot to do with the Japanese reactor crisis. Germany was once already on the path to abandoning nuclear energy, in favor of renewable energy. But then the current government, probably bribed to the brim, backed out of the schedule that was decided upon by the social-democrats/green government half a decade ago, and went back to nuclear. There was a lot of popular outrage (I joined demonstrations last year). And THEN Japan happened. Crazy for domestic politics. Yesterday, we saw the largest anti-nuclear energy demonstrations in the history of the country.


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I am trying to remember my life. By posting about it. Starting January first 2011.
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