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Went to see Bob Dylan play live in Hamburg yesterday, with Cay. It was a pleasant surprise. The band was powerful and well-balanced, they could go all the way from fairly quiet (the groove only driven by a single acoustic … Continue reading

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What a week.

After my unsuccessful attempt at having some sort of half-blind date in Madrid, I journeyed on to Rome the next day. Arriving at the airport in Rome was a really interestingly pleasant experience – it really struck me how much … Continue reading

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That same old song.

I am sitting in an Ibis Hotel on the outskirts of Madrid. The address that Maria had given me is only a 20 minute walk away (at least according to Google Maps – by taxi, it would take me 7 … Continue reading

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Pentecost Weekend.

It’s a slow three-day weekend. Weeks ago, the plan had been that Caren would come for a visit. Our complete lack of communication apparently anihilated that plan. I’m pretty much on my own this weekend, and it’s fine that way. … Continue reading

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I went skating earlier today. I had been wrestling with the idea of finally going to the gym again, but somehow can’t make myself. The idea of going for a skate seemed to make more sense. But it wasn’t a … Continue reading

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