I went skating earlier today. I had been wrestling with the idea of finally going to the gym again, but somehow can’t make myself. The idea of going for a skate seemed to make more sense. But it wasn’t a very nice experience … maybe because I went at high noon on a really warm day, when the sun was blasting down. And maybe because I’m still not quite right, healthwise.

My issues from the previous week continued during the last one. Last weekend, I went to a family celebration, where I suddenly started to feel dizzy. It began after dinner on Saturday evening, when I got up to go to bed. And kept on going the following day. I really didn’t quite feel like myself. On Monday I decided that on Tuesday morning I’d go to the Doctor’s again, because I was worried that it might still have something to do with that tick bite. But then I ended up having dinner with Rum, and she talked to me about my symptoms, and convinced me that it really all had to with stress. It really felt good to talk to her about it, and I’ve been feeling better eversince we had that conversation.

On Wednesday night, Cay and I met at my place and played a little. Afterwards I tried to call this girl, Maria, I’d been talking over Twitter an Facebook with, she’s currently in Buenos Aires. But I couldn’t manage to reach her on the numbers she had given me.

On Thursday, I went “cow watching” with my friend Adrian. He really works in IT, but a friend of his and him started to raise cows as a side project – a crazy idea they had over a couple of beers one day. Adrian is a real doer, he doesn’t talk much, he rather does things, and the energy they have been putting into this whole enterprise, and the difference to these nutty office jobs that we all have which you can feel when you’re out there on his fields watching those massive animals grazing away, seemed quite remarkable to me. I hadn’t brought my phone, so I was offline all day, too. That was good.

I had been meaning to come here with him for the longest time, and I’m glad that I finally did. He is a great friend.

I did manage to reach Maria that night. The conversation was a little awkward, because the connection wasn’t very good. But she wrote to me afterwards that I had a sweet voice. She is really beautiful, as far as I can tell from all her photos on Facebook. I don’t even remember how we connected on Twitter. I think she sent me an @-reply for something, and then I started following her. I am planning a business trip to Spain in two weeks, and I’ll go to Madrid for the weekend first, where I hope to meet up with her.

Last night, I started to write a treatment for a film idea that I have. On Friday night, I’d gone to the movie theatre to watch Pirates of the Carribean 4 on my own (it’s a poor film, mostly), and seeing the “Bruckheimerian” film style, it reminded me of an idea I’d had a couple of months ago, that could very well become a (good!) film of that type. Intelligent action, with a handful of very nice ideas for props and the story. It was not easy but also fun to start developing that story. I look forward to continue working on it.

Caren is supposed to come next weekend. Well, I guess she was supposed to come. Communication between us has died down. I don’t know – I guess I am not the type for an affair. It would actually be a lot more convenient for me if she didn’t … An old friend is coming to town, and overall I’d rather not get into that experiment again.

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I am trying to remember my life. By posting about it. Starting January first 2011.
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