What a week.

After my unsuccessful attempt at having some sort of half-blind date in Madrid, I journeyed on to Rome the next day. Arriving at the airport in Rome was a really interestingly pleasant experience – it really struck me how much more I feel at home in Italy than I do in Spain. There is something about Spain that I simply don’t get, cannot make sense of. Italy, on the contrary, immediately makes sense to me. The language seems clearer, closer to me, the people seem more open and friendly, and accessible. It feels so much more like home. In Spain, I always feel like I am treading on foreign territory – in Italy, not at all.

Even though this was my first visit to Rome, I did not get much out of it. We had a client meeting at 2:30 PM, after which a colleague and I took a train to Milan, where we’re about to have our Italian office. For the time being, the Italian office is still at her house. We arrived in Milan at around 10 PM, and I went straight to the hotel, wanted to go straight to bed. I turned on the TV … which was maybe a mistake. I had to happen on a news report about an international group of researchers who basically found out that we (the human race) are in the middle of a full-on attack on most wildlife in this planet’s oceans. These things make me dispair about my life, my inability to get out of my current life and into one where I actively do something against the destruction of this planet by our own hands. My current reasoning is: I have this one shot at a fortune with this company of ours, which will enable me to do better things afterwards, for the rest of my life, so I need to stick with this to make it work. But it does not always feel right … quite the contrary, it often does feel very wrong to still be part of the problem and not part of the solution.

On Thursday, I worked with my two Italian colleagues – we worked on E-Mails etc. in the morning, had lunch together, and then in the afternoon I did a session with them, to teach them a little about our work. At 6, one of them walked me to the train station, I travelled out to Malpensa airport and then had an EasyJet flight back to Berlin.

Yesterday, I worked from home, and took a train in the afternoon to my parents’ place. Where I am still today.

About The Outer Rim

I am trying to remember my life. By posting about it. Starting January first 2011.
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