Buenos Aires.

I am sitting in my hotel in Buenos Aires. The weather is beautiful. I slept in today, after a very busy week I needed a more relaxed morning. Had breakfast at a quarter to twelve and then walked around this part of town – Palermo Soho – for a couple of hours. For me, the day is over-shadowed by the horrific events in Norway. A man set off a bomb in the government district in Oslo and then drove to a youth camp on an island and shot dozens of teenagers. It’s absolutely insane.

My week was extremely busy. I arrived in Buenos Aires after two 1o hour flights (I had a stopover in Houston) on Monday morning, and was in meetings all week. On Monday, I joined my colleagues for an appointment at a potential client’s, on Tuesday, we presented results at a client’s, on Wednesday morning, they had scheduled an interview with a journalist, including a photo shoot on the hotel roof, and with a translator. In the afternoon, I gave a talk at a professional association here, the room was packed, more people wanted to come but they had to turn them down. It’s amazing how much publicity our colleagues manage to organize here. On Thursday, we had another two interviews with journalists. The translator came for those as well, she was really cool, her English was totally American, and she turned out to be a musician and gave me her CD after the end of the session. On Friday, we had a full day at the office.

I spent the evenings with my colleagues, always going out for dinner with them (the only exception was Wednesday night where everyone had an early evening – I slept some ten hours …). I had also been hoping to meet up with Maria, and we exchanged a couple of messages at the beginning of the week, but then she went silent, and I couldn’t reach her. She finally facebookmailed me last night, but I am really tired of the way communications run with her, and I told her today that I had other plans. It’s interesting – last night, one of my colleagues talked about how girls who show themselves in their bikinis on their Facebook profile are really strange, and that it’s really slutty to present yourself that way. Not only Maria’s profile photo is in a bikini, also 90% of the tons of other photos she has in her account is in bikinis. She seems excessively vain, and the fact that my colleague said that really drove home the thought that it’s probably not a good idea at all to even try meeting up.

A colleague here at the office is pretty cute. But what good does that do? Besides the fact that she probably doesn’t think the same about me, I also happen to live some 12,000 km away … I was a little down during this week, about the whole “being single” thing. Caren got back in touch and will stay at my place next week for a few days. So there is at least hope for some TLC. Oh well.

Tonight, I’ll go out to have dinner and then go to see a Tango dance thing with the cute colleague and another girl from the office. I hope that’s going to be fun. It’s sunny outside, and I should be doing touristy stuff. But I don’t feel like it. Does that make me a bad person? Does that make me a stupid person? Isn’t it okay if I count on coming back and being better prepared then? I think I have the right to being in Buenos Aires and not using the coming free hours for tourism stuff.

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