Last week was crazy again. I returned from Argentina on Monday morning at 10:50 AM local time here, after a 12 hour flight (happily, I had three seats – ! – to myself on the plane, less happily, I still couldn’t properly sleep …), and had to go straight to the next meeting that same afternoon at 3 PM in Düsseldorf, with three other colleagues. I wasn’t home before midnight. The next day, I had two meetings in Hamburg, the next day a full day at home (on which, in the afternoon, Caren arrived). On Thursday, another trip to Düsseldorf, and on Friday to Frankfurt again, with a collague from the business school.

On Friday, I went to bed early, and I pretty much needed the entire weekend to recuperate. Caren’s stay here was a little strange. She has a boy friend right now (of sorts – they seem to have hit it off really well at first, but then things deteriorated in some strange way, and she didn’t feel very committed to the thing anymore), but we still slept together one of the nights she was here (which was really nice). Also, she slept in my bed all four nights. Again, I felt attracted to her physically, but not much in other ways. We did a bit of tourism stuff yesterday. Also, she was totally sweet and took care of a few things in my household that I, the true bachelor, never get around to. She left today.

I spent today getting organised again, and also uploaded a few of my Argentina photos. That gave me a good reason to think about Valerie, the girl I met at the office there, who I thought was cute. I tried to reach her on Skype, finally managed to on Friday. She recommended a Scandinavian film to me that she really likes. I’ll go out and rent it after writing this.

Also, these days are very much marked by the horrific murder attack that this right-wing lunatic did in Norway. I hate how much “publicity” he gets.

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I am trying to remember my life. By posting about it. Starting January first 2011.
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