This past week, M went back to the US. On Wednesday. She said good-bye on Tuesday. I cannot say much about it … she has drifted away from my life, I have drifted away from hers. We’ll see how and how often we’ll be in touch from now on.

I was reeling from some virus or something. I may have caught it in Munich, because on the weekend and during this week, I felt really awkward. A sore throat in the second half of the week convinced me finally that I probably just had some infection. Gladly, I spent four days at the cottage again. I really needed it. For one, to catch up with my work. I was being very effective again, getting work done that I would have never been able to do while ‘online’. I am immensely grateful for this. That I can finally work again, and produce output. It’s still a little miracle to me. But also to recover – which I did. I really enjoy being there. The four days were marked by sleeping long, and then working pretty much incessantly, until I would go see my parents in the evening. Upon returning from my parents, I watched Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch, split over two nights. I found it interesting.

On the trips to my parents, I would also send out the fruits of my labour by email to everyone because I could go online in the city. The house doesn’t even have a working mobile connection. Yay. On Saturday, my parents were having a little surprise party for a friend of theirs, her children came, too, and we all went to have dinner. My father was pretty much the life of the party, telling stories without end, while the others didn’t talk much. I don’t know if that was good or bad. M always maintained that it’s good to have someone who animates an evening. The other nights, I noticed how much it disturbs me when he acts strangely in the evenings, because he’s had his beers. I need to remember this and try to see them more during the daytime.

Last night, I had a dream about being in London, and consoling and finally kissing an English woman who was upset about an art performance (I think) of some artists from whom she was expecting much more. A strange dream, but beautiful. I fell in love with her, and wanted to go back to my dream when I woke up.

I am back in Berlin now. I am meeting a friend of a friend tonight, she seems to be a musician/filmmaker/researcher. Sounds very interesting.


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