I sweat.

This may sound funny, but it isn’t. In the past weeks and months, my sweating problem has gotten worse. I have an appointment with a dermatologist this coming Wednesday. But I suspect that he won’t be able to help me much – I think my sweating is really a psychological problem. It has to do with stress and fear. I think I have fear in my job. And that comes out through the sweating. It’s something like “cold sweat”, almost. And it really makes my life miserable in a lot of situations. A colleague and I spent two days at a client’s internal conference this past week. There were a lot of agency people. And I sit among them in a conference room, and sweat is running down from my arm pits all day long … I cannot go to the restroom enough to reapply deodorant, to feel comfortable. And I can’t bring enough shirts to change them several times a day, so that I can feel good in my clothes.

I am not sure what to do. Maybe I need to go to a therapist, after all?

I also spent two days in Rome, for meetings, too. The sweating was a little better there. And the city looks amazing to me. I wish I could spend some time there. The meetings we had there were quite good. But all in all, it was a killer week: Monday a flight to Munich, later on to Frankfurt by train, all day meetings Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in Rome for meetings.

I really wanted to have the weekend off, but I didn’t. A friend from high school was celebrating his 10th wedding anniversary, and Rum and I drove over there, and hung out with our old high school friends. She has a sports car convertible, and we did the four hour drive both ways with the top down. That was remarkably fun and enjoyable. I’ve never been on a long drive with a convertible, quite a fun experience. As soon as we had taken off on Saturday, I sat in the car, with nothing to worry about, there was not a bit of sweating. None. When we arrived and finally got to the party, and I was uneasy because of who would be there, and how the meeting with all the old friends would be, the sweating started again. I think it has to be my nerves.

The whole weekend ended up to be fairly relaxing, though. I am now getting ready for the new week. And I am anxious about how I will do in all the meetings that are coming up. With sweat, and smell, and whether I can somehow get this under control.


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