French Findings.

I’m late. I try to blog on weekends, to cover the previous week, and now it’s already Monday. Monday through Wednesday last week, I was in Paris. I had meetings at our company there. On Tuesday night, I had a sort of date that I arranged through Twitter. She’s someone I had found on Twitter after a reading session that M had once organised. She had been tweeting about the same event, so that’s how we “found” each other, without really meeting in person. I dm’ed her that I’d be in Paris, and she was totally up for a meeting. That was nice. The evening was really fun – we had a lot to talk about, somehow, and I really enjoyed myself. There’s definitely something interesting there, and I hope to keep in touch. She’s American, from New York, heavily involved with literature, and loves Paris and good food. Striking similarities …

On Wednesday, I was originally supposed to go to Munich, to our headquarters’, but then decided against that. I still had a ticket to go back to Berlin, and I did that. I was still coughing, and battling my sore throat, and since there was kind of an opportunity to do this, I shut down again, went offline and to bed for two days, and did pretty much nothing other than watching DVDs and sleeping. I felt a lot better on Saturday. I sent a fairly long email about the many films that I’d been watching to my new acquaintance from Paris. Maybe it was too long, and a little sudden and over-whelming. But we had spoken a lot about movies, and I’d rented a couple based on our conversation.

On Sunday, my mother came to visit. The two of us went to a French chanson event in a little town just outside of Berlin, to which we’d already been together a couple years ago. My mother knows some of the people who are organising it, and she always gets such a kick out of it, because she really loves the music that they’re celebrating there. I come along because it gives me the chance to hear some French music, hear some French being spoken, speak some French myself, and make my mother happy. This time around, there was a surprising additional “benefit.” There was a really cute French girl there, she is the daughter of one of the musicians’ families. We started talking, she seemed to like me, and I suggested to show her a little of Berlin on Tuesday night. And she said yes. I really enjoyed meeting her, she has a wonderful smile. I am excited, that’s going to be fun. She’s from the South West of France, so that’s fairly far from here, and she’s really young (mid twenties), but I’m sure we’re going to have a really fun evening. I am very much looking forward to that.

Tonight, I was at a sort of politics evening. I met with the member of parliament who’s involved with Internet politics, and with whom I’ve been bonding a little, in my attempts to get involved with politics, and with another really active member of the party, and with someone from the music industry’s association. We had a really interesting discussion about copyright, and about what to do with it politically.

I’ll now iron one of my shirts. Believe it or not, but it’s for my “date” tomorrow night. Also, I’ll borrow Kal’s black big-ass car for it. Not to show off … but my own car is in Munich, I am trying to sell it, and so I drove it down there a week ago (the Sunday before I went to Paris), hoping to get a better price for it there. For the trip out there with my mother, I had rented a car.

Oh, also this week, I think I made a major decision. I had been planning a fairly major purchase during these past weeks and months, for a sort of pet project of mine, a particular type of electric car, that I was going to sink a lot of money into. But I have finally decided that I am probably not going to do it. I think I feel a lot better because of that. It leaves me room to breathe, financially. And I think that’s better than buying what I thought about buying. (And who knows, maybe I need money to fly to the South West of France every now and then …)


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