Ill again.

It’s Saturday, I’ve been spending Wednesday through today pretty much in bed. Alternating between coughing, sweating, throat ache, coughing, and an overall dizziness. I canceled all work stuff, except a couple of things that just had to be done, and am trying to recover. It’s not a lot of fun. I am seriously sick (no pun intended) of being ill all the time. Something has got to chance. I hope that by changing my job, I can do something about this. My job needs to change, for structural reasons in our business, and because I haven’t been properly doing my job, or at least not been doing what I told our clients I was doing, in a way. I feel fairly lonely, I have spent hours upon hours watching DVDs. I saw the BBC show “The Hour” which “my Paris acquaintance” recommended. Who, by the way, did respond to my email (unlike someone else), albeit in a fairly unenthusiastic way.

Talking enthusiastic, my evening with the girl from the chanson festival was less than spectacular. She had a good time, I was a good tour guide, but the sparkle was not there, and at some point she mentioned a boy-friend, and I realised that she must be 24, or something, and so it was an okay evening, nothing plus. She did seem very impressed with Berlin, though. And right after that, I got ill.

So other than The Hour, I have been watching “Taken” with Liam Neeson (good fun), and “The Fighter” with Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale (okay). And I went back to watching Mad Men, I started with season 2. I’d seen a couple episodes into season 2 with M way back when, but then abandoned it – she stuck with it, totally loved it. And now I am having another look at it. It’s actually good stuff to watch when you’re ill. Also, it makes me want to write.

I feel like the weekend won’t be enough to get me back on track. I’ll be ill well into the next week. Argh.


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