Time crawling.

Interestingly, the summer seems to be now. What was supposed to be the summer this year really was a sort of second rate fall. But yesterday, we had close to 30 degrees in the city. Caren was in Berlin yesterday and we spent a few hours together and also hung out a little in the new park. Nothing else happened between us. And I think that’s good.

Other than that, there is so very little I can report. That’s because it took me until this weekend to really get better again. Bit by bit, I cancelled every appointment that I had last week, including two speaking gigs that I had. I spent the entire week at home, doing as little as possible for work, and watching Mad Men, mainly (season two and three). And I had a nice skype call with M earlier in the week. It was good to catch up. Other than that, I was frustrated at the slow pace at which my health was coming back. It was really annoying how long it took me to really get better. And also the loneliness that comes with being at home and alone for days on end did get to me a little. Part of the problem was also that the server which hosts my personal email address crashed on Wednesday, and it’s still taking Adrian until I don’t know when to get things back to order. And my personal email address does allow me to reach out to people some times. My activity on Google+ took a spike instead, also because a very visible web personality included me in his recommendations for people to follow on G+.

The only regular thing was my hike down to the video place, to get the next Mad Men DVD (I am so old school). I spent painful minutes (hours?) there, trying to additionally find feature films that I want to watch besides Mad Men. Twice I left fairly frustrated without a film, because I simply couldn’t commit to anything that I found. There are loads of films that I would like to see, old classics, stuff that I read about, etc. etc., but there is only a limited range of things that I am willing to watch on my own.

Today is Sunday, I am getting back to work, slowly. Tomorrow is a national holiday, but I’ll travel to Hungary, for an internal conference of our company that I am moderating.

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