Intermission is over.

Until Monday of this past week, I was on a two-and-a-half week holiday to Japan which I extensively blogged and tweeted and video’ed and facebooked about elsewhere, so there was not much need to do it here, too. I got back on Monday night and had to hit the ground running – the first client appointment in Frankfurt was right the next day, on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I had another speaking gig in Hamburg, in the evening. On the way there, I had a couple of bad phone calls with my mother, who’d called me in a state of depression, which I absolutely cannot handle, and which always makes things worse … Well, by the time I was returning to Berlin, things had calmed down a bit. On Thursday and Friday I worked from home. On Friday evening, I started doing something that I am not entirely sure about … I enlisted with one of these (horribly expensive!) dating websites, and started to try and reach out to a couple of people who were recommended to me there … And then from Saturday onwards, I spent the weekend in a little village outside Hanover, where a small group of journalists and webheads had gathered to think about developing a joint web publishing project. I did the trip there in the car of one of Germany’s web celebrities (if that exists here), and we had a couple of good conversations on the trip. I returned home on Sunday evening, found a couple of interesting responses on that dating site, had a Skype call with M, and finished a last video from my Japan trip.


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