The Miracle Continues.

I should have blogged here already a week ago, but I just couldn’t find the time. Part of the reason: I think I have a girl-friend now. B and I had dinner one night, she joined me for an evening at the Philharmonie on another, and last Thursday she spent the night here. I can still not believe how wonderful and warm it feels to have one’s emotions returned like that. I look at her, and I am happy, and I kiss her, and wrap my arms around her, and she does likewise, and it’s so strangely easy. At the same time, I feel how we both have a shred of fear and uncertainty left in us – I guess that’s normal, after things happening so easily, and so quickly. But this is good. This is really really good.

Other things that happened: I have a new colleague here in Berlin now. We don’t have an office yet, so we work from my living-room. It’s good to not be alone anymore. And I am involved in launching a political/Internet-related Think Tank today. I have been a contributor to the project (not a major force, my job doesn’t allow for more), but it’s picked up quite some momentum, and I am really excited about today, when we’re launching it to the public. I gave a couple speeches, moderated a conference in Frankfurt (and kept writing emails with B during the event …), went to a couple of client meetings. Last night I showed my friend Rum photos and films from my Japan experience.

I am a little tired, and a little anxious, but overall, life is so remarkably good. And I am in love with this girl. And for the very first time in my life, I think, I can just and simply be happy about that.


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