Work Weekend.

B and I are here at my home, we both have to work this weekend. In order to make that happen, we agreed on a really disciplined schedule, and on reminding each other of the discipline that we need. Currently it’s more me minding the discipline and her being a little subversive (while being really really really cute …), but that’s quite okay.

I went to see my doctor about my arm, they said it was not of the sort that should get me really worried, nothing about the nerves, and rather about the muscles. They did some funky electrode therapy thing, I had two sessions, and it may actually be helping.

On Monday in the afternoon, I took the train over to my parents’. I had to see them because my father is planning an investment project that is very large, and he needed me in the dealings with a bank. It’s a complicated story, and I am not going to tell it, but it puts a lot of stress on him, and as a consequence, on the relationship with my mother. Who then reacts to that by falling into this violent type of depression that she gets. I am going to make it short – it was an extremely unpleasant evening, with a lot of shouting (me at her, because when she is like that she has a way that completely outrages me). Again, all of that is too difficult to explain here, and by the middle of the week, things had already calmed down again.

On Tuesday night, we went to the theatre and saw Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure,” in a really modern production. I absolutely loved it. I was so impressed with the actors, and with the power that their performance had, and I was really taken in by the whole thing. It was a Christmas gift from B that we went. I stayed at B’s after that and we talked about her stress with work, and the plan for this weekend was an outcome of that.

On Thursday night, I spent a nice evening with my friend Adrian, and last night I got together with Cay and we made music again – it’s been quite a while that we hadn’t played together.

Since I almost didn’t travel (save for the brief trip to my parents), I got to spend the whole week at home, and that was a good thing. I was happy with my work, made some nice progress in a couple of areas. The national news were dominated by the country’s president being embroiled in some type of scandal revolving around a home financing credit and calls he made to newspapers to not tell the story, and internationally, this satire article almost made me cry. I bought and tested this product, but was unhappy to find that it doesn’t live up to my expectations, and now I consider sending it back.

This was a good week.


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