Less Miracle, More Reality.

Last weekend turned out a little more complicated than I had thought. Working together in the same space under pressure (pressure at least for B) wasn’t entirely easy. We had a bit of tension, and that was a little troubling for me. I think we dealt with it fairly well in the end, but it was an important lesson. She seems so easy-going at times, but then I realise that things do get to her, and it’s important to find out what is what. It was a small reality check, after days of miracle and wonder.

I spent the work week in Munich, with a quick trip to Duesseldorf on Wednesday. I felt good about work this week. There is so much to do, and things are sometimes progressing too slowly – because of my own lack of drive or determination, or because the company is growing, and things just can’t shift as quickly anymore. But we’re on the right track, we’ve made some good decisions, and we’re doing the right things.

My left arm is still hurting, and that annoys me. I will be travelling again next week and the week after that, and I don’t know when I can go and see an orthopedic doctor. In early February probably.

Also, I started a new blog project at the beginning of the year, and I stuck with it: I am posting one new drawing every day on a little blog that I use, I try not to spend more than ten minutes per drawing, and it’s a lot of fun.

Today, I am meeting some web guy for lunch, and then I’ll spend the weekend with B. We’ll do some clothes shopping for me first (I hate shopping, and I particularly hate to shop for clothes, so I am really glad to have help), and tomorrow we’ll both be working again.


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