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Last week, I had meetings at our Spanish office. On Tuesday, they organised a little conference at a business school where I gave a speech. It turned out that one of our competitors had sent a colleague to listen in. The guy sat in the back and was busy taking notes throughout the conference. This competitor was originally one of the partners in what had been supposed to become a joint venture; he eventually ended up stealing our documents and creating a copycat company, only to turn right around and sue us for stealing from him …

I found out about it at the get-together afterwards and couldn’t help myself – I approached him and told him directly to his face to please go to his boss and tell him that he is absolutely and undoubtedly the biggest asshole on the face of the earth. I think I am fairly civilised, usually. But when it comes to this company, I cannot guarantee what happens when I’m in the same room with them. The guy was fairly charming and kept saying that he was just a lowly employee and didn’t know – which made me feel milder towards him than I should have. Later my colleagues told me that that wasn’t true, that this colleague had been around since the beginning and knew everything. It was a strange encounter, which I thought about quite a bit in the following days.

Actually, I also was a little edgy in some of the meetings we had with the Spanish team. Don’t know why. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by some of the demands and needs in the teams, feeling that I cannot respond the way I should, and then that happens. I am often sorry afterwards.

On Wednesday, I came back to Berlin, only to travel to Rome on Thursday. Only for the afternoon, to meet with another client of ours. The taxis in Rome were on strike, so I asked a lady at an information desk how to get into town. She looked up my address on Google maps and told me which bus to take that would go near to where I wanted to go. So off I went, and got on the bus. Only to find out that the information was completely wrong, and the bus took me to someplace very different … So I had to take the subway to get back to where I wanted to go (which was much closer to the airport, too!), and finally walked for half an hour to get to my meeting. I did come in time for the bit that I was presenting, so things were okay in the end. I spent the night and stayed until Friday in a hotel by the airport. Back at home on Friday night, I worked on the cartoon project that I started last year with Drew. We want to work on it together tomorrow, and I had to prepare some things that I still hadn’t found the time to do, but which kept us from advancing. I am really glad that I got everything done, by something like 1 AM. Speaking of Drew, he is very successful right now with a media art project that he is working on. He got massive coverage from all kinds of media for it. It’s pretty cool

This morning, I took care of a whole lot of administrative things. Glad also to have gotten through some of that stuff, too. The entire next week I’ll spend in Paris, so things on the home front have to be in order … Now, I’ll go see B. She does not seem so well. I am not exactly sure what is bothering her. But I hope I can find out.


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