Paris and the Baltic Sea.

I spent the entire last work week in Paris. I arrived at noon time on Monday, and left on Friday afternoon/evening. And it was an extremely busy week – lots of appointments, both in the office with colleagues, and at client companies. We went to see one client three times, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning, for three different meetings, each one charged with pressure and expectation of one kind or another. And between these meetings, I tried to cope with all the other stuff that needed taking care of. Whenever I do travel to the other countries (and particularly to France and Spain), I get a fairly acute sense of where we’re lacking in terms of international coordination and collaboration; and that does usually quite affect me.

Once again, B happened to be in Paris also while I was there. I saw her on Wednesday night when she arrived. We met at around 10, took a walk around Montmartre, and then a cab over to Place Trocadero. She’d told me that she’d never seen the Eiffel Tower, so that had to be remedied. Hence the photo above. On Thursday night, I saw her very late, and needed that evening to complain and whine a little about how work was really stressing me here in Paris. It was good that she was there and ready to listen and comfort me. On Friday we took the plane back together, which was really nice. That night, I saw my good friend Chriz again. It’s always such a pleasure to meet with him, and have dinner, and talk about drawing, and media, and life. I immensely enjoyed the evening.

On Saturday, B and I wanted to drive out to the Baltic Sea. Unfortunately, there was an issue with the hatch, so we had to take a little detour by the car dealership, to get it fixed. We arrived at the hotel at around 4 PM. I had given her a trip to London for Christmas, but we then decided to change plans and take a trip to the Baltic Sea instead. We stayed until early afternoon on Monday (taking the Monday off from work). It was a bit brief, considering that we both really do need a holiday … But we had fun. Particularly Sunday night was nice – we had dinner in a Thai restaurant (not necessarily the food to have at a Baltic Sea town, but it was okay …) and then spent many more hours than expected in the hotel bar, with great conversations around a couple of glasses. During the day, we’d checked out the Spa in the hotel – it was okay, B is much more into that than I am. But she was patient with me, showed me one of the saunas, and we got some relaxing hours out of that. We didn’t do as much walking on the beach as we might have wanted to because it was really frightfully cold. The winter seems to have arrived, finally.

We get along quite well, overall. The humour is great, I get to laugh a lot with her. There are just some things … sensitivities … that get us in trouble with each other from time to time, and they can sometimes create tension. Unfortunately, one of those things happenend right before we arrived back in Berlin. That was a little unfortunate, because it meant ending the trip on a bit of a low – even though it was a very nice weekend which we both enjoyed.


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