Two Berlin Weeks.

Two weeks since I wrote my last entry. Let’s see … what happened? Berlinale is on again. And last night, Whitney Houston died. It’s all over the media. I never particularly liked her music, and I never particularly liked how the media made her the laughing stock by turning all of her drug problems and horrible public appearances into front page news. And these same media are now mourning the loss. Hypocrites.

Jobwise, things were okay. I was at home the entire time, with only one exception – a fairly spontaneous appointment in Milan last Thursday. But it was only a day trip. Other than that, I spent the time in my home office. I had originally been planning to spend that day and Friday at Kal’s office; in the winter (it’s frightfully cold!) I cannot use the cottage, so I had to find some other solution instead, so I tried Kal’s office. On Friday, I did go, and it wasn’t bad.

Friday night, an old friend of mine from my advertising days – Ron – came to spend the night. He’d had a couple of appointments in town, so we hung out that night. It was a very intense evening. He had started to go freelance, or rather start a company with two others, or rather not … it was a bit of a mix, and we had a very intense discussion about freelancing, and entrepreneurship, and running a company, and creativity, and about family, and happiness. We are very different, Ron tends to be on the cautious side of life, and so it was quite an interesting discussion.

I also just had a very intense discussion with B. We’d spent the afternoon at a Musical Medley Show (she loves musicals), and afterwards we had quite a discussion about our relationship, and the stress she is under right now, and everything that’s going on. At one point, the idea of breaking up seemed to be in the air, but then we really kept going, and it was very good, and tender, and helpful in the end. Life with her is sometimes difficult. But she is a marvel.

I also have new computer. A MacBook Air. It’s nice. Interesting how my old MacBook Pro seems heavy all of a sudden, when I switch back to it. The MacBook Pro was malfunctioning at the beginning of last week, I needed Adrian to fix it. And so we ordered a new machine so I have a fallback solution.

And the last thing I need to mention: I also met with my friend Drew and his “business and creativity “partner Larry, and we discussed their entrepreneurship idea last week already. They want to launch an “arts” company, they have lots of ideas how to do it, and a track record of two very successful projects, and I suggested to be the third man who can fund the launch. This would be a very exciting project indeed.

Life is hectic, and full of stress. But also full of ideas and miracles.


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