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Lots of this and that this past week. On Tuesday, I had a business meeting outside of Frankfurt with Indira. Sometimes she still smiles at me in a way that shows me there is still something. But I am over it and that is good. The meeting was fun also because the meeting was mainly conducted by a very charismatic manager of this drinks company who was very straightforward, and intense, and energetic – in a way that I appreciate. But he also fell asleep during the meeting when it was about things that he was less interested in. Fun character. And a good meeting.

On Tuesday night, I stayed at Ursula and Steve’s place, and we all had dinner with Marty. That was a fun evening. On Wednesday, we had another meeting in Frankfurt with our key client. That night when I got back to Berlin, I called B, and as I was at a subway stop not far from her, she suggested I come over for the night. Which was very nice. On Thursday afternoon, I worked at Kal’s office again. That evening, B came over again and stayed at my place, and worked here until midday on Friday. Also on Friday, a client presentation was cancelled, which I was very glad for.

B came here late on Friday night again, after going out with friends to a ballet performance, and we had a bit of a fight Saturday morning because the alarm rang too early for her, and she was upset. She gets upset in a way that is a bit puzzling, she cannot get over her being upset for a while, no matter what I say. It’s like there’s something buzzing around in her head that just has to run its course.

I had to have the alarm ring because I was a bit stressed – my parents were coming on Saturday afternoon, my mother’s birthday is on Sunday. I had hoped that they could meet B as well, but she said it was too early for that. Maybe she is right. I managed to get most of my stuff done before my parents arrived here at around 5 PM. We had tea, went out to dinner, and then on to a reading that some Twitter folks had organised. I also read a little story that I had written a few weeks ago. It was a fun event, in the staircase of a restaurant, an interesting atmosphere. The pieces that people were reading were mostly not all that great, but it was fun none the less. Today, we met here at my place at 10. I gave my mother two CDs with music by Georges Brassens and musicians playing his songs respectively. She was really happy about that. I was glad because it was last minute gifts that I had bought yesterday. Then we went to an exhibition about wildlife in the city that I had been wanting to see for a while already. And we had lunch in a restaurant that we all like.

After a little nap, we met again at the Pergamon Museum, to see the 360° visualisation that they currently have as their main attraction in front of the entrance. It was not quite what I had expected (I had thought there was animation or some other type of moving imagery), but it was still a very nice experience. After that, I was hoping I could help my parents to an evening at the movies, but things were still off the regular schedules because it was the last day of the Berlinale. So I kind of had to leave them at Potsdamer Platz (which I felt a little bad about), and returned home on my own, because I had some work to do still for the evening. They went to have a bite to eat and then returned to the hotel. I think my mother had a very nice 76th birthday, all in all.

Oh, the President of Germany resigned a couple days ago. He was being a fair idiot in many ways, and pressure about his inability to keep his personal life and particularly “friends'” financial help separate from his office was finally mounting so much that he had to go. It seems like until the end he didn’t quite understand why. An idiot, like I said.

Also, I bought a speaker/stand for my iPad on Saturday. It now sits in the kitchen, and I can watch shows on it while I’m preparing something to eat. Neat.

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