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Been a While.

Boardwalk Empire is a lot of fun. I am very much enjoying it. Unfortunately, disc 2 of my set is broken. I got through the episodes on it somehow, and will finish the box set, but then return it to … Continue reading

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Silence and Not.

Last week was strange. We acted on our vow to “take things easier” with each other. There were much longer stretches of silence between emails. I only answered when B wrote to me. I didn’t contact her on my own. … Continue reading

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“Expect a Miracle.”

I saw B today. We met at 2 PM, at the subway station. I took her in my arms. She smiled at me. An awkward yet very sweet smile. We started walking until we were close to my house and … Continue reading

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Isn’t It Ironic?

I feel like I’m in that song by Alanis Morrisette. On Wednesday, I had one of the best days in my job. On Thursday, B broke up with me. I wrote her on Thursday morning that I had had such … Continue reading

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One of the Best Days in My Job.

Yesterday was one of the best days in my job. I was efficient, I got stuff done while I was at company headquarters (where I am usually not very efficient at all), I organised a number of meetings that were … Continue reading

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This afternoon, I am driving to the airport to pick B up. She has spent a week in Israel, for a conference / workshop. I’ll drive there not with my car, but with a car-sharing electric vehicle. As I keep … Continue reading

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