This afternoon, I am driving to the airport to pick B up. She has spent a week in Israel, for a conference / workshop. I’ll drive there not with my car, but with a car-sharing electric vehicle. As I keep trying to change my driving and transportation habits to electric, I signed up with a car-sharing service that offers electric vehicles, too. So I’ll go to the main station where I’ll pick up the car, and then from there electrically to the airport. I am curious what that will be like.

I’ve been in touch with B only by email, she didn’t want to use her phone because it’s expensive, and we never managed to actually have a video call with our iPads. I would have liked to try that but I guess she didn’t want to do that because the only place where she had Internet was an Internet cafĂ©, and I think it didn’t feel right for her to try that in public. (Which I don’t quite understand.)

I haven’t been doing too well healthwise. Last weekend, I went on a skiing trip with a bunch of colleagues. I thought it would be fun, but it was more like a field trip back in high school, and I think I am too old for that now. I want some level of comfort. Also, my feet were really hurting the day we went skiing, I either need new ski boots, or to stop skiing altogether. I think the second is more likely, my days of skiing may slowly be over now. It just feels awkward, to be using these gigantic machines to go up the mountain, to only then go down off them afterwards … only to be pulled up again. Ecologically, it’s just so senseless. The absurdity of it somehow robs me the fun of it. Anyway, as I was under the shower after the skiing day last Saturday, I suddenly had an upper back ache. At first I thought it had something to do with the bad beds that we were sleeping on, and it went away when we I was back home, but then it came back later in the week. Add that to my arm ache, that I still have and that doesn’t seem to want to go away. So finally last Friday I went to see a doctor — this time I went to see an actual orthopedist — and they x-rayed my neck, and he prescribed physiotherapy. Let’s see how that will be. My first appointment is next Friday.

Other than that, I went to Rome for a client presentation last Wednesday, and to a very important meeting close to Frankfurt on Thursday. It was important because that client, our largest, wants to expand the service that we’re part of in more than 40 markets, and it was about convincing the global team charged with this project to take us on board, and build the service with us. I prepared the presentation, and that was really fun.

The last time I had seen B was Wednesday night, a week and a half ago. We don’t see each other very often, and I sometimes wonder what that means — but there is no other way, we both have so much going on that it’s simply difficult to see each other more often. Last Monday, I met with the Japan crew, and my old friend Axl told me about his relationship in its early stages, and said that it was just like that, and that sometimes it just takes a little while and patience. I think he’s right, and I need to take it easy.

Friday and Saturday (yesterday and the day before), we had a meeting with our political Internet project. It was good to get the project going together, but I felt that things are moving a bit slowly. It also allowed me to see my friends Ursula and Steve, Steve is part of the group, too, and at any rate they are in town now, as they are moving to Berlin. We had dinner last night, too.

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