One of the Best Days in My Job.

Yesterday was one of the best days in my job. I was efficient, I got stuff done while I was at company headquarters (where I am usually not very efficient at all), I organised a number of meetings that were really useful, a couple were videoconferences or Skype calls with colleagues in other countries, and they were appreciated and showed me how we can intensify collaboration in the future, I was able to share a couple of documents by email that my team had worked on, and that help everyone, I got through my email lists, and took care of things, and was done in time to join a bunch of colleagues in a bar.

And all day, the sun was shining.

Great, great day.

Only the connection with B isn’t very close these days. I hope we can change that at the end of this week, or on the weekend. Something is missing. Maybe it’s only because she is still fairly stressed.

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