Silence and Not.

Last week was strange. We acted on our vow to “take things easier” with each other. There were much longer stretches of silence between emails. I only answered when B wrote to me. I didn’t contact her on my own. But overall that felt good. It was good to reclaim some time and attention back to oneself, rather than constantly trying to be connected, in touch. The digital toys that we have to keep reaching out sometimes really end up frying our brains, and our relationships right along.

I had meetings in Austria and in the Netherlands.

On Friday night, B and I met again and went out. We had dinner (to which she was very late …) at the Italian place on the corner, and then took the motorcycle to ride across town to Drew’s and Larry’s sound studies presentation, from their course of studies at their university. They were showing their sound design projects, along with the other dozen (or so) of students they had studied with. It was nice to be there with B, and to see Drew. Oh and she loved the motorcycle. I’d just gotten it out of its “winter break” on Friday, and it was the first time we rode it together. She really enjoyed it. (And now she’s giving me a hard time because I want to sell it and get an electric motorcycle that’s made for only one rider …) Such a good evening. B stayed over, we hung out all Saturday together, and finally on Saturday evening I dropped her off at a friend’s place, where she was going to a “girls’ pyjama night” kind of thing.

I was a really good Saturday with her. We really got on well, and enjoyed each other’s company. (I was just a little disappointed by the sex, or the sort of lack thereof, but I’m not going into detail about that.)

On Sunday, Drew came over, and we chatted at first — about his projects, and then about the idea of joining forces somehow. And then we went back to working on our animation project.

This week began with a meeting in Frankfurt on Monday. B flew to London for three days. The last time I heard from her was Monday morning by email. I wish she would write. But I am not going to. It needs to come from her.

I’ll watch the first episode of the first season of Boardwalk Empire now. I bought the DVD set today.

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