Been a While.

Boardwalk Empire is a lot of fun. I am very much enjoying it. Unfortunately, disc 2 of my set is broken. I got through the episodes on it somehow, and will finish the box set, but then return it to Amazon, and ask for a replacement. It’s just annoying to have one DVD in it that doesn’t work. The other day I actually brought two computers on a business trip. My new MacBook Air which is my workhorse now. And my older MacBook Pro which is now delegated to all the private stuff (once it’s been reinstalled and upgraded by Adrian, that will actually really happen). I needed the latter because only that has a disc drive. I know, I am horribly old-fashioned for even getting DVDs still. But here, iTunes only carries the dubbed versions, and I cannot be bothered to rip every DVD, to fit it on my iPad or on the Air. I may actually go and get a separate DVD player for the Air.

There were a few good meetings, workwise, these past two weeks. Things are moving along. Still, I dream about quitting and doing something completely different from time to time. And actually, I have made some rather specific plans about that. I’ve given myself another two-and-a-half years for this job. There are a couple of larger projects that I need to help get right. And then I really believe that it’ll be up to someone else to take over what I’ve been doing. There is only so much time you can spend working in Marketing. At some point you have to start actually making things. Or working in Politics. But no longer strictly think about how to entice and sell. That’s just getting too flat and the people you work with are not the type that help you think beyond and understand what we’re here for, and what this is all about.

The week before last, I saw Chriz one night for pizzas, and went to see Cay on Friday night, to make music in their kitchen. This morning, I helped him move into his new office. He had a desk and stuff to haul, so I helped carry the load. After that, I went to a motorcycle dealer from whom I want to buy an electric motorcycle. It seems the company that’s making them is causing difficulty because he didn’t sign a contract that requires him to buy a certain number. Very annoying. Let’s see how this turns out.

Last weekend was really wonderful with B. We spent a lot of time together, I even helped her prepare a speech she had to give last Tuesday. In the second half of the week, she was being a little strange again, but we’ve ironed that out last night, and we’ll go to a Spa together later tonight. I am very much in love with her. She is amazing.

Last Monday, I had to give a speech at a conference in Hamburg. It was a little strange … I have probably given some 200 speeches in the past 4-5 years. And I am long past getting nervous before a speech. But this time I was. Maybe because it was a presentation I had never used before, and that was somewhat atypical for me. Or maybe because a sort of idol of mine was on the same panel, and sitting on the stage with me? Don’t know. I didn’t like it. But the speech turned out okay, in the end (I hope). Yesterday, I spoke in front of a bunch of advertising juniors in Berlin. And that went really well and easy.

My father isn’t doing so well. He turned 75 last Tuesday, but he’s bitten off more than he can chew on his latest project. It seems to overwhelm him. I was fearing that. I’m going to see them tomorrow, and I hope we can celebrate his birthday. He’s getting a Mac, from my mother and me because his old PC broke down.

So much for now. Must take care of a few more things and then off with B.

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