Easter Weekend.

It’s Easter Sunday, I spent the morning with family. My cousin has lots of children (three are already there, the fourth one is on the way), she lives in Switzerland with her husband who is really cool guy, a journalist. They came to town to visit with her parents, my aunt and uncle, for the Easter weekend. My parents came over, too. It was a nice morning, I actually enjoyed myself more than I thought I would. One of the boys is really smart, he is only seven but can already read and write surprisingly well. I helped him crack puzzles in a learning book where he had to spell and calculate. And we played soccer in the garden.

This afternoon, I am taking care of a few things at home that I never find the time for otherwise. As mentioned last time, I need to return my Boardwalk Empire DVD box. I wanted to pack it up to send it back, looked for my order on Amazon, and realised that I hadn’t even bought it at Amazon, but at a local store here in town. Really funny. I could’ve sworn I bought it like everything else through Amazon.

Last weekend began with a bang. I picked B up and we just made a short stop at the bank machine. I am really discrete when it comes to PIN codes and stuff, but she tried to glean mine and even asked me whether she got it right. That made me fairly mad, I told her harshly to shut up, which already upset her, and then also yelled at her on the street. That really majorly upset her, and she was about to call the evening off, forget about the Spa and just return home. It was really strange. I know that I overreact, but she can be such a child sometimes. I love her childlike ways in many ways, but sometimes it’s really weird how she behaves. Well, we kept talking in the street, and finally I convinced her to come along. The one-hour drive was fairly silent, but when we got to the place, she was getting over it, and in the supermarket there where we’d gone to buy some snacks she suddenly wanted be taken in my arms, and to make up, and it was really sweet.

At the Spa we had such a good time. There is a section of the pool that’s outside – since the water is very warm, you can swim outside even when it’s cold (like it was that day). In the outside section, there is a type of circular basin where they turn on strong water jets (is that a word?) that make the water spin around in that basin, and we spent quite some time in there, whirling around, and having so much fun!

The night at home was kind of weird. We returned after midnight because we’d stayed at the pool so long. I thought we’d go straight to sleep, but then she was in the mood, so we went for it, but then dealing with the condom somehow killed the mood (it easily does for me sometimes, this time it did for her), so it wasn’t as nice as it could have been. We’re very very well together physically, we love to hold each other, but we don’t have sex often. There are lots of reasons (she doesn’t like it late at night, she gets so agitated that she can’t sleep afterwards; and in the morning she also finds it difficult, and we hardly see each other enough to really have time for it), but it’s bothering me somehow. We very much like to be with and feel each other, but we somehow don’t have enough energy for sex very often; or not enough drive. I don’t know if that’s something I should worry about. It seems like she doesn’t. Last Friday afternoon (it was Good Friday) I went over to her place, to pick her up, and it was like that again. We could have made love, but somehow there’s never enough energy there. I think we both need a level of intimacy to really get going, and since there are always longer spells where we don’t see each other, it often simply doesn’t quite get there. Again, I don’t know if that should bother me. It kind of does.

Anyway, on Sunday morning last weekend I had to leave her fairly early, I had promised my parents that I would come and see them. So I left B here at my place. She was sad that I had to go and would have liked to spend the day with me. I was sad, too, but also happy, because this was not at all the same person who had emailed me a little while ago that she couldn’t be with me any more. And she actually stayed on for quite a while longer, had another nap on my sofa, and even did some work here.

I went to see my parents not only because I wanted to visit them, but also because I was returning to my habit of spending a couple of workdays every now and then in our little cottage. The stay in the cottage was good – again, I got work done. But I was also very distracted – my father is involved in a construction project of his that is much more than just a pet project, it really costs him nerves, and energy, and attention, and it is really really making him unhappy in major ways, and that was bothering me a lot, too. He turned 75 last week, and he just shouldn’t be suffering like that. It’s a complicated story that I am not going to tell in detail, but it was distracting, and it made me sad. Right now it seems he may have found a solution, let’s hope for the best. Also, my mother and I got him a new computer, a MacBook Pro, because his old computer was causing him much pain, and then he was really really frustrated about the new computer, too, and that stressed me, too.

On Tuesday night I rode the train down to Munich again, and my stay in Munich at the office was very tiring as well. We had one meeting that was about the future of the company, and it became unpleasant in a way that was both interesting and, well, unpleasant. I got to bed not before 2 in the morning that night.

It was overall a very tiring week. I returned to Berlin on Thursday night, and didn’t do anything but finish watching season one of Boardwalk Empire (three or four episodes).

On Friday I slept in and then had a nice evening with Britta. Like I did the Sunday of the weekend before, this Saturday she had to get up early and see her mother and family. I drove her across town and dropped her off somewhere where her mother would come and pick her up. They then went out of town to see her grandparents and stay with them over Easter.

But the time with her was really nice. She texted me from the road that she was missing me. And that she thought that was a good sign. My Saturday was the laziest that I’ve had in the longest time. I spent almost the entire day watching season 4 of Mad Men. It’s such a good show! Season 4 really dazzled me, particularly towards the end.

Also, M texted me today, to wish us all a nice Easter holiday. That was very sweet of her. My parents are on the way back home now.

P.S.: I don’t sweat anymore. It stopped when I got together with B.

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