Quick and Dirty.

So much has happened in the past two weeks. And I am not in the mood to spend an hour writing about it here. I already didn’t last weekend, when I had wanted to cover the week before last and simply didn’t feel up to it. So here it comes in a real quick and dirty run-down of the key things. Before I need to run out, grab something to eat, and then watch The Avengers in 3D!

The week before last, we had an international workshop at the company again, and unlike the previous ones, this one really weighed me down, and wore me out. On the second morning, I lost my control and yelled at everybody because they were all late. I felt like something isn’t quite right. We did a strategy workshop with the whole management team on the Sunday afterwards, and I did communicate to everyone that I needed to see a way out of the company. We discussed where we wanted to take the company. And we did something that I had heard about from family therapy, but never in a business context – we did a “team constellation” in which we situated ourselves in the room, trying to figure out how we relate to each other. The results were quite interesting. # Monday a week ago, B flew to Cuba, for her 5-week vacation. We saw each other before that, and even though we still have our difficulties and our moments of struggle with each other, we are more and more tender with each other. We’ve been in contact by text message, and she managed to send me one email a couple of days ago. I will join her for a week in two weeks, and I am looking forward to that. # This past weekend, I went to a Transmedia Storytelling workshop. It was interesting, and inspiring, I met a couple of interesting people, and my team won in the competition, and now I have an Amazon Kindle which we all won. # I am having a little web design shop build a proper blog for me (not to replace this one, but for my public stuff). I am looking forward to having a proper home on the web. # I got an MRT scan because of my arm ache, and happily, nothing major seems to be wrong. So that’s a thing less to worry about. # My father still has the trouble with his big project, and I hope he will solve it soon. Today, he seemed fairly upbeat about it on the phone. But that can change every day.

So much for now. I have to run …

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