I’ve just been crying. Quite a lot. Because I watched Hugo, and it had the most remarkable effect on me. It made me so happy that I had to cry.

At the end of an otherwise not very happy weekend – my vacation was supposed to start this weekend, but it didn’t really. On Friday I came back from a business trip to Budapest, with really bad feeling in my stomach. It turned into diarrhea and vomiting combined, lasting well into the night. I spent Saturday, albeit without diarrhea or vomiting, but in agony … And it took until today for me to feel better again. My writing weekend with Drew was canceled this way … I had really been looking forward to that, and was quite disappointed. I am still going to my parents tomorrow, to spend some time at the cottage, but still, I would have wanted my holidays to begin differently.

What else happened this past week? On Tuesday, the first of May, when everyone was out and about, enjoying the time off and the gorgeous weather, I had to stay in and get stuff done, just so I would be able to leave everything in good order before I would be going on vacation. It’s remarkable, sometimes it seems like the rush to get things done before the holidays takes that additional amount of energy out of you which the holidays will just barely give you back, so the net effect is really nil … I had a phone meetings, and not-phone meetings, and made some progress with things that I had been procrastinating way too long. And all the time, I keep thinking how my professional life may need to change and what I should do. Part of it also had to do with a big web conference going on in Berlin during this week, which again I didn’t go to, and which I regretted, as now the web themes are really moving into the mainstream, and I wonder if I should not be more concerned with the future of society, rather than with the future of marketing.

And that is maybe, also, why Hugo made me cry. Not only because the story is so beautiful. But also because maybe in my heart I know that I am not quite following my dreams. The way one should, as the movie teaches us.


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