Fighting A Cold, Changing Work, Riding Electric.

The three key things in these past two weeks: I’ve been fighting with a really annoying cold; I have been thinking a lot about how to change my (professional) life; and I’ve finally gotten my electric motorcycle – which I am enjoying very much.

After my return from Argentina, I’d been coughing and having a mild irritation in my throat, and I was just ignoring it for a week. But then it wouldn’t go away, and so at the beginning of this week, I canceled a trip to our headquarters and stayed in bed for two days. It still didn’t go away, it actually hasn’t gone away until this day, so I had to get up again and go on a business trip to Amsterdam on Wednesday. Since then, I have been eating copious amounts of cough drops, drinking more liquids in a handful of days than in the entire past month, and otherwise been trying to ignore it again. The lucky thing is that I have no fever, so I can still do things. When I have a fever, I am completely useless and can only stay in bed.

I keep trying to figure out how to work in the near future (next year). I have pretty much decided that I will scale down my activities at the company, and will move towards a lifestyle that is more free, and that allows me to explore activities that I hope will make me happier. Essentially, I decided to have a year of experimentation, in which graphic design, illustration, film and animation will most likely play a key role. But political activism and writing may also become part of it. I thought at first that I wanted to write a book and then work in politics, but in a very interesting and revealing conversation with a journalist friend, I realised that a crucial element in my endeavours needs to be an attempt to rediscover the type of “flow” that I used to know as a kid when I was drawing. That conversation has really influenced my thinking, and I am very very happy about these new ideas. I also had time to discuss them with Drew with whom I spent a very good last weekend working on our animation project. He has spent quite some time figuring out what it is that he wants to do, and that makes him happy, so he was a good person to talk to about this. I also discuss this with B., she has good thoughts on this. And she sometimes provides a counterbalance to my thoughts, by asking me for a reality check, and for reassessing how I want to deal with my current job. It is an interesting time, and I am happy that I am going through this development. Yesterday and the evening before yesterday, I was at two political meetings/conferences, which was very interesting again, too, and which provided me with additional food for thought.

My electric motorcycle is great fun. I have been wanting to “go electric” for such a long time, and finally it’s become a reality, and I so enjoy riding around the city with it, zipping (almost) silently through between the cars. I enjoy riding this thing a lot more than my old bike, on which I always felt vulnerable and unsafe. The removable battery pack allows me to charge it at home, that’s the only way for me to own and use it in the city, I have no garage where I could charge it. Removing the battery on this type is not really designed for doing it everyday, but I am getting better at it. It’s really cool.

And so are things with B. I think to her, it’s more like “we’re dating,” and for me it’s more like “I wish we were sharing a life already,” but if I keep my insecurity in check, and do my own thing, I can live with this. I need to wait for her to come, then things tend to be good.


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