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It’s A Struggle.

Last week I wrote that I was feeling better. Well. So so. Part of it had to do with the fact that there was still an email exchange with B. We had some longer emails then at the beginning of … Continue reading

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Much Better.

I am feeling much better than last weekend. I had a type of breakthrough experience last Monday. I was walking around Munich airport, before I was getting on a plane to Rome, and I was feeling miserable. Much like I … Continue reading

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Being Single.

There is a lot of fear. And anxiety. And a rush of activity towards things that I hope will make me feel better. And less alone. Like signing up with, or trying online dating again, or planning trips and … Continue reading

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It’s Over.

The relationship with B is over. On Monday night, I was at the Bob Dylan concert in Berlin, but I just had to keep thinking about B, and about her being so distant, and I got so frustrated and scared … Continue reading

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Not So Good.

B freaked out again the weekend before last. It was all triggered by a photobook that I had made from our Cuba trip, which had a photo in it she just couldn’t stomach, and that somehow came up in our … Continue reading

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