Today, I spent the day in Kassel at dOCUMENTA, the art show, with Marty. The other day, Steve and Ursula had been talking so favourably about it, that we decided to go. It was okay – we just spent too much time waiting and couldn’t see many of the exhibits. But it was a nice day anyway. And Marty is cool to hang out with.

I am happy, overall. And very glad that I can say that. I am currently absolutely fine on my own, and that’s saying something. I have so much going on, seeing lots and lots of friends (of which I have a suprising number of really good, really cool ones), I am totally making progress with my animation project with Drew (yesterday I spent the day at my parents’ and worked on nothing but the first episode from morning to night), and my work is also fine, I am gradually shifting my job to a way that leaves me more room for my private creative projects, and at the same time, I keep making progress with what I need to be moving forward for the business. And so I am actually good on my own, not yearning, suffering, feeling lonely. Yay!

Also, my visit with my parents this past weekend was really good. We got along very well, I was the happiest they have seen me in a long time, and they seem to be doing quite alright (my father just had digestion problems last night, after they went to have dinner with friends at a restaurant, and he didn’t sleep the night, but instead almost slept the entire day today).

The only sad story is B. Last Thursday I got a text from her that finally and without a doubt proves that she really has mental issues and needs help. The message so bewildered me that I sent it to my therapist and asked for advice about what to do. I didn’t reply, and that was the only thing that I could do. Also, it prompted me to finally change the locks on my apartment, because she still has my keys. And didn’t return them today, which was when she was finally supposed to drop them off at a restaurant down the street here. I am sorry and sad that she seems to be doing really badly. I hope she can get help and will improve.


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