A Little Out of Breath.

The last time that I wrote was two weeks ago. These past two weeks have been pretty crazy …

During the first of the two, I was in Munich for two days, returned to Berlin, and then had to fly to Budapest for more business stuff there. Before I left for Budapest, I had another appointment with my therapist. And that was quite a remarkable session. I really had an enlightening moment: I had been going over the latest in the sad story with B, and then was talking about my latest anxiousness regarding someone else (I think) I actually may vaguely be interested in (see below), when she observed that she felt I was simply addicted to the rush of short test messages and instant communication. That that was a drug, a drug I had an addiction to. And I suddenly understood that this addiction was not the same as being in love, or loving someone, or even wanting someone. Somehow a door was opened in my mind as suddenly something became clear to me, something that I couldn’t see before. I was and still am extremely grateful for that.

The flight I took to Budapest then was essentially kicking off quite a crazy trip then, that went on for a full week, I only returned back to Berlin on Thursday the following week. From Budapest, I flew to Munich on Friday. In Munich, I picked up a company car late in the evening, and drove out to Linz in Austria, arriving there around midnight. The Ars Electronica 2012 was happening there, and Drew and his friend Larry had some of their stuff on display there, and I helped them make a little movie of one of their performances, on Sunday night. I had a fun weekend! After that, I drove back to Munich, slept there for the night, and then had to fly to Cologne on Monday morning with a colleague — we had an appointment in a little town an hour away from the Cologne airport. The rental that we took had its navsat set to Italian, which was kind of fun. Back at the Cologne airport, I took a train down to Frankfurt, where I had a couple of business meetings on Tuesday. From our client I went out to the Frankfurt airport on Tuesday afternoon, worked from there for a couple of hours, and then flew on down to Milan. On Wednesday morning, I was in the Italian office (where I met a new colleague for the first time with whom I had so far only been emailing and skyping, and she was at least as cute as she looked on her Skype photo …), and then three of us went to a client meeting. Wednesday night, I flew back to Munich … arriving at the office only around midnight that night, I then had another meeting with Tone and another colleague, and then after a short night, we had a little training session for clients at our office all Thursday, which I was running and moderating. The session was a really nice experience, not only because our guests were interested and nice, but because I was really happy about the performance of our colleagues. Everyone did such a great job, we must’ve created a great impression with our guests. I was really proud of the team!

That night, I flew back to Berlin, and was really really happy to be back home … Only one more thing to make happen before things would finally settle down again: my big birthday party was planned for Saturday. The Saturday was fully charged with all kinds of things that I had to do before guests started coming around 5 PM. A new friend of mine — Pete, with his buddy BJ — had offered to cook for my guests. The two of them want to start their own restaurant, and they really are passionate about food, so of course I accepted the offer! I am not going t0 write much about the party, I am a little tired still today from the cleaning up afterwards, but overall it was a success, I think. My parents came also, which made me happy. And everyone was having a really good time, I think, and they were absolutely loving the seriously amazing food that the two were preparing. The only thing that I was a little unhappy about: a fair number of people that I had expected to come ended up not coming, and some never even bothered to let me know. I guess I had been a bit naive expecting some 40 people, but that’ll be a lesson for next time. Just because someone says they’ll come doesn’t mean they really will.

After these crazy traveling days being over, and after having managed it all, I am really happy that things will be quieter again.

And I keep trying to flirt with this person whom I’ll hopefully meet in Amsterdam in a few weeks, and whom I’ve found online (not on a dating site, through other channels …), and I have to restrain myself, and take things easy, but she she seems fun. And cute. Also, I have been listening to Mark Knopfler’s latest record, Privateering, this past weekend. By chance and through an acquaintance, I got my hands on the full deluxe box set that he put out, and I am actually having quite some fun with it!


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