Improv Theater.

This afternoon, I participated in an improv theater workshop. A really interesting experience. It went from 1 PM till 5 PM, and I really had a good time. It began with very simple exercises that had to do with a form of “synching” with the other people in the room. There was 13 of us, plus the teacher. Within the first 15 minutes, we’d done three exercises that were mainly about learning everybody’s names. And I did. I am usually so bad with names, so this was a good experience. We did other things, like telling a story in a circle, everyone saying only one word, thereby making up the story as it went ’round. We did walking exercises in which all 13 would be standing still, and only one person was allowed to walk at a time, so when someone decided to walk, the person who was just now walking had to stop. And finally, we ended up experimenting with the first very simple scenes. The guy who led the workshop knew what he was doing, there was just one thing that I noticed and that I thought interesting: when explaining an exercise, he sometimes missed saying the one key thing that made the difference between us having a vague idea of what we needed to do, and knowing exactly. Once again, I noticed how different people have different skill levels at communicating. Really interesting. The second half of the workshop will be tomorrow. Afterwards, I met with Axl for a quick coffee. That was nice, as always.

This past week was the first one in which I experimented with a new work mode. My plan is to move to a three day week, in which I am entirely there for the company from Tuesday early in the morning, until Thursday late at night, and in which I am trying to visit one of our offices every week. And I agreed with Tone that I would simply experiment a little with that before we make it an official anouncement. So on Monday, I was trying to take it easy, and to be less available, and to organise everything around that day. And succeeded at that. I took my motorbike to have it repaired, and in the evening I went to my political party’s summer party, where I had some very nice conversations with a handful of people. On Tuesday, I had a meeting here at home in the morning, and then I flew to our Hungarian office, where I gave a speech at a conference on Wednesday morning, returning the same night. Thursday, I worked from home, and in the evening I went to an English bookshop here in the city, where they presented a book about activisim, like an “activist’s guidebook”. I had fun at the event, bought a copy, and enjoyed talking (briefly) to the guy who’d made the book. Friday, I tried to take it easy again and met Chris for lunch. He and his colleagues had fired (!) my friend Steve last weekend, and I needed to hear the background to that story.


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