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I spent Tuesday-Thursday this past week in Spain. On Tuesday morning, I flew to Madrid. That afternoon/evening, our company there had organised a small conference about our stuff, and I was the last speaker in the evening. The day was quite relaxed, I could do my emailing and keeping up with stuff at the location (a very modern new thing, owned by a telecommunications company in the heart of Madrid), and then just had to do my speech. The evening afterwards was the best part of the journey: Salina, my ex whom I’d met again the very day that the relationship with B was over, lives in Madrid. I spent the evening with her and with her boy-friend who is just about the most delightful person ever. We hit it off really really well, and it was just a wonderful evening. I hope to be able to see them again soon. What also did make the day fun was an on-going exchange of DM messages on Twitter with this woman whom I’m meeting in Amsterdam in a couple of weeks. I am getting too hung up on that, on that drug of these little pings, I need to be careful. But it’s nice. On Wednesday I took the train to Barcelona, where I stayed until Thursday afternoon, doing meetings, having phone calls etc., and then took the plane back to Berlin.

Monday and Friday were “days off”, according to my new plan and agreement with Tone. I still feel a little uneasy about it because I didn’t really tell anyone, and I am just worried that I am simply not being fair with my colleagues. But on the other hand, I shouldn’t be measuring my work in terms of days or hours that I am spending, and when I am spending them, but rather in terms of whether I am creating the output I need to create. And I think I am not doing too badly with the way I am handling it now. On both days, I did some emailing and answering the phone, and on Friday we had a particularly interesting call, Tone and me: we were talking with a former boss of mine. We had been talking to her about whether or not to ask her to join us as our new international CEO. In this call, she finally said she felt she couldn’t do it, but she gave us some wonderful advice, and I was really happy about the call.

Also, I started editing the little film I had made at Ars Electronica. I think it might turn out quite nice, actually.

Generally, I am doing quite well these days. The mix and balance between travel for work and free time is really interesting, and I think a good idea. I am also happy about this slowly developing contact with this person in Amsterdam. Even though I shouldn’t get my hopes up too high. Right now, it had died down a little again, but that’s probably also because she is currently finishing her dissertation. And still kind of moving in. And still getting into the new job … But even beyond that, I think I am finally finding out who I am, understanding myself and my life better. Feeling at home in my skin. Things are still often stressful, and taxing, but overall good, right now.


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