Scuba Diving in Egypt.

Diving in Egypt
During the past two weeks, I spent a nine day holiday in Egypt, to go scuba-diving. Scuba-diving had been a dream of mine since I was five years old … It took me until 2003, to finally do a course, together with Adrian back then. But then he remarried and went scuba-diving with his new wife, and so I didn’t go then. In 2010, I wanted to go for a week, but then my brother died, and I just couldn’t go. The only time I ever really did it was very briefly — half an hour — during my holiday with B this spring. But finally, I now went for a real vacation. It was quite an experience, I really enjoyed myself. I felt really good under water — my hunch that it would feel natural and good to be there was right. I learned a lot, did an advanced course (I am now an “Advanced Open Water Diver (Padi)”.), met some interesting people (even though not people I’d absolutely be dying to see again), was mesmerized by the rocky desert mountains of the Sinai, experienced that touristic part of Egypt, saw there how mankind is and remains a plague, with all the plastic garbage and junk that we make and distribute wherever we go …, tried to be good at doing nothing in the time off (and not quite suceeding at it … but I brought eBooks and a film collection on my iPad, and that helped), I filmed a lot under water with a new GoPro camera that I had bought for the trip, and now I cannot wait to turn that into a little film.

Now I am slowly getting ready to work again. But this weekend is still very much under the sign of creative endeavour, I worked on some of my creative projects during these past few days, after I’d gotten back to Berlin on Thursday afternoon. In half an hour, Drew will be here, and we’ll spend the rest of the day working on our animation project.

And I don’t feel lonely like I did before the vacation.

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