One More Thing.

I haven’t written in two weeks, and I don’t quite feel like writing today. But this blog exists for a purpose, so write I must. I’ll be brief … Just rattling off the things that seem relevant.

The days after my holiday were a bit stressful … as they always are. Until today, I have not been able to manage getting back to the work mode that I had developed and started testing before the holidays, with enough spare time to advance my private creative projects as well. The whole challenge of making everything happen at the same time, and ensuring that not only my demanding job gets as much attention from me as it needs, while I am developing a sort of parallel other life on the side, actually got to me physically. I had stomach and digestive troubles which almost prompted me to go see a doctor. But then I spoke with my therapist again, told her about it, and she simply told me that the strain I am describing above was probably the reason for my health issues. And here is the remarkable thing: when I left from the session and returned home, the problems were pretty much gone.

The week before last, I was scheduled to give a speech which I had prepared more intensively than I had ever before prepared for a speech. Not because it was an important venue or occasion, but rather because it was a good situation to try this: I was motivated to do something different, and worked very hard on it. I had tested the speech (which was based on me interacting with a film) a few times before, with demanding audiences of close friends, and it had always worked quite well. It seemed a fairly safe bet, the only thing that had to function was that the film would start exactly when it had to. And I admit this was the one thing I was worried about, from the start. So I rehearsed it with the tech team at the conference early in the morning, and it all worked well. Needless to say, when I was up, technology failed me, and it all got botched. I ended up improvising a speech which got great applause and feedback (and actually won me the prize of the session), and they even let me do my actual speech after the pause on the next panel, but it wasn’t like I had planned it to be.

Workwise, there were meetings in Frankfurt, and Duesseldorf, and London, and Hamburg these past two weeks.

This weekend, I spent here in Berlin. Last weekend with my parents. On Saturday of that weekend, we celebrated that they had managed to get out of that construction project “alive”, that had tormented them so, with a few close friends who were involved or could relate.

Skyfall came out. I saw it last week, and really enjoyed it. I think it’s great.

Today I worked with Drew on the animation project. We made good progress!

And then one more thing: I met someone. We met through Twitter. A common acquaintance introduced us. We spent a week and a half with a really fun email exchange, and then we finally met on Friday. We got along really well, we spent about nine and a half hours together until 5:30 on Saturday morning, and ended up kissing. And that is the funny thing – how you feel when everything is really great, save for the kissing. When the kissing is just so-so (at least for me). Well, I’m not going to care, I’m going to ignore that, and keep going, because she is really, really cool. And I trust that the kissing – and everything that goes with that – will also get really cool.

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